Gentlecrab's Blog
Why hello there! Welcome to my blog!
A bit about myself
I am a female, teen, christian, and computer nerd.
I enjoy exploring the internet, drawing, writing, playing video games.
I make new blog entries every few weeks, so keep checking back!
Hope you enjoy my blog! :)
My powerpuffed self
Where You Can Find Me
As @PrincessFlowerTV, I create animations, games, and contests.
I have been on the website for 2 1/2 years.
Feel free to comment on my profile and send a follow!
As @Gentlecrab1342, I play minigames, trade, and make art.
Send me a JAG! Love to hear from you!
What Things I Blog About
1) Stories
Every website has a story. And the people who go to the website have a story, too. Funny, scary, wierd, the kinds of storys you can have are limitless. I'll tell you mine.
2) Guides
I enjoy helping people to do things- from a simple coding tutorial on Scratch to a advanced "how to be rare" tutorial on AJ, I will post guides to help the new and the not-so-new.
3) Opinions
From updates ideas,
I will be posting my likes and dislikes of the sites I use. I may help give you a new perspective.
What website do you use? Is it free?
The website I am using right now is called "ClickFunnels". It's a business website, but I use it for my blog. It is not a free site.
How often do you make new blog entries?
As often as I can, but usually I aim for every two weeks. Keep checking back; you never know when a new entry is released!
I would like to connect with you, how can I do so?
If you use Scratch, comment on my profile, including the word "be-dazzled" so I know that you want to talk about my blog.
If you use AJ, JAG me with a Temple of Zios postcard so I know you are coming from here.
I love your blog! What can I do to help?
I would love to get my blog more out there; tell your friends about this!
Peace out!
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