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RIP Scratch Forums
I'm so sorry I haven't written in sooo long - please, have mercy, I am trying my best. Life gets in the way, and I can never find time to sit down and blog. again, my apologies.

Aaaaannnnyways, back to the topic;
The position the forums are in.
In otherwords, the forums being unavailable.
Yup. Quite a shock when I saw it.
No warning of an update, or sign of a bug.
Now, I find this strange, cause' with most scratch updates, you are informed ahead of time.
Not this update, though.
If it even is one.

Some people think there was an issue that caused it, others think it's a 3.0 update.
Hopefully it's the latter.
Don't quote me on this, but it has been a very, and I mean very, long time. So the header and formatting are still in the 2.0 style, not to mention blocks being out-of-date and lists of bugs.
But either way, hopefully the forums will be up and running again.

So I don't get anymore anxiety.
The dawning of a new age;
The release of Scratch 3.0
#ScratchOpinions #ScratchStories
(Yo, sorry guys! I haven't had much time to write new entries; so, making it up with a sick, new, long one)
It was the second day of a new year.
And as promised, the Scratch Team shut down the website to transition the changes.
For. A. Whole. Day.
Was it just me, or were you getting really anxious about seeing the new editor, checking your messages, and seeing how people were reacting to the changes?
Well, I was.

Anyways, they finally got the site back up.
And boy, I was surprised at the number of scratchers leaving. Take @TNTsquirrel for example.
He never expressed his opinions about the new editor until the day it came out.
Boy, the community exploded, with the start of the "Thanos Cat" meme and many other anti-3.0 movments.
If you have seen my pfp recently, you'll see that I have changed it to, for the moment, the "GO 3.0! #TrustTheST" icon.

I opened the project editor, and for a moment, had forgotten about the editor change.
Wow, even still now, I'm trying to get used to it.
Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic. But it'll take a while to get fully used to.

So, what are your guy's opinions on the new editor?
Let me know on my profile! I'd love to hear from you one-on-one.
Interview: What's it like to have more un-shared projects then shared ones?
Yup, you heard me right- I have more unshared projects then I do shared.
You see, little story about myself; my brain is flat-out crazy. I get wayyy to many "great" ideas for what I have time for.
One day: "Oh, I have a cool idea for a MAP!"
"Oh wait, I already have a MAP going on... that's failing..."
Then next week: "Hey, I have a epic idea for a animation! It'll be about Gobo!"
"Girl, you don't know the story line. And how will you carve out time for it?"
Next day: "Ohh, I should make a clicker! That sounds super cool!"
"Yes, but do you know how much time that takes? You are drowning in your own commitments."

Yup, I'm super wishy-washy.
So, don't get your hopes up if you see a teaser that looks interesting- it may never happen.
I'm sorry, but that's the way I am.

Anyone else have my same problem?
Oh, kay'... never mind then...
Wait, most people don't have any ideas at all?
Just a little advertisment... For my MAP
Looking for animators to take a part in my Feelin' So Fly MAP! All you need to do is link me to two good, recent animations that you've made, and say the code word that is in the instructions. I would really appreciate if you joined! Here's the link:
Thanks for reading! I'm desperate for partakers. :P
How-To Forum
Welcome to the monstrous world of the forums
Never mind. It's not that crazy.
Anyway, first thing's first; what are the forums?
They are a place to discuss scratch, the outside world, and answer questions. There are lots of different sub-forums, so you will find what you need.
There are five sections with 38 sub-forums.
That's a lot of topics.
Well, first off the bat, what can you do in the forums?
Lots of things. There is some sub-forums to ask your questions, a few to suggest scratch improvements, and even a few to discuss the outside world. Go see for yourself here:

Now, before you go crazy, here is a tip to make sure your topic doesn't get closed: Read the Stickies!
Stickies are the topics at the very top of the sub-forums that have little thumb-tacks next to them, showing that they are stuck at the top. The reason for these stickies is to tell you the guidelines of that particular sub-forum.
If you don't read them, you have a high chance of your topic getting closed.

Now that you have gotten plugged into the forums, now what? Have you opened a shop in Requests or are helping out in Questions About Scratch(QAS)?
If you have 100+ posts, you can apply for a cool studio called "The Forum Helpers". These people are dedicated to helping users out in the forums. They are not an official ST studio(Yet!), but it is still a fun thing to be apart of. Link:

I hope this helped you! :)
Scratch 3.0 Beta

Woah. It's coming. Scratch 3.0! I am so exited to get the new editor, with lots of new improvments!
I know tons of users are unhappy with the way that that the layout is, but I disagree; it's a fresh, new start. Yes, it will take some time to get used to, but it's gonna be worth it!
Now i'm gonna talk about the 3.0 Beta Forum. **Waves to fellow Forum Helpers**
It's a mess. Total mess. All of the people posting there are new to scratch and the fourms, meaning that they violate every single forum rule is existence, don't read the stickies, and and to top it all off, are as unconstructive as they can be.
I told you, it is a mess.
So. Why do people hate the new editor?
Because it's new. And different.
People hate change.
So when a editor that they have gotten used to is going to change to a new, strange style, they have to do one small thing:
Yup. You read that right.
Very sad that people can't even accept the fact that the ST is working very, very hard on this, and they have to protest against it.
Very, very sad.
(Disclaimer: I am not hating on anyone who is unhappy with the new editor)
On the flip side, there are some people(like me) who are super hyped for the new style and all the new changes. I am gonna love experimenting with the new sound editor, the new features and all of the new tutorials.
Hey haters, get a life! :P

On the final note, I am gonna say that if you are a lover or a hater, you gotta realize how much effort the ST is putting into this. They are taking time out of their day to work for a kids website. I, honestly, at so stunned and the work they put into this website.
Don't hate the ST. They are so awesome!
A Strange Alert
I have only ever had one alert, not to brag. And that one was a strange one. Let me relate to you the story:

I'm guessing sometime during 2016, I really wasn't the most interesting scratcher- on my old account, I was @storytellergirl2247. I was 11, so boy, I was a mess.
I couldn't spell anything correctly, let alone use my grammar. Anyways, my projects weren't that great, either. I remixed a ton of "Remix yourself ___" projects, and any other projects I wanted myself... Without credit. One day, I remixed a project where you added your character fighting other scratchers over, I think, a $100,000,000 credit card.
I remixed and animated myself poorly taking the card, not adding any credits to the original owner. Nothing different then normal.
Then... it happened.
Someone reported my project for not giving credit.
Being a young kid, I was shocked and scared. I had never really thought about being banned before, and I was worried about it now. Of course, looking on it now, I see that it was ridiculous, but at the time, I was very sad. I quickly added a "thank you **original owner** for the original. credit to him/her." and shared the project again.

I know that this was a fair alert, but it's so funny to me that, of all kinds of not-giving-credit projects, I was noticed. Not the exact copy of a fetured project, not the stolen art project. My remix of a unpopular "add yourself" project. Wow.
(I am not mad at the ST anymore, BTW)
Animal Jam Entries
#AJOpinions #AJStories #AJGuide
Wow, all three hashtags! Good for me. :P

Okay, so most of my previous entries have been light-hearted and fun.
Today, I want to address a big issue; AJ scamming.
What do you think of when you think of AJ scamming?
Maybe you see a arctic wolf with a spike, convincing a poor NM that their nerd glasses are worth a few RIMs.
Or maybe you see a crowded trust-trading party.
Whatever you think of, they all boil down to a few things;
1: Your trust in the scammer,
2: Your rash decision-making
3: Your desperation

I have only been scammed once, and only out of a flower crown.
What happened was that I had both a real, red flower crown and a freedom flower crown.
I told him both the values, and he mixed them up, offering me a few RIMs for the real flower crown.
I didn't look closely enough, and before I could decline it, I ended up accepting the trade.
When I realized my mistake, I requested he trade it back. but he left, never to be seen again.

In my scamming case, it's fully possible that he mixed it up, but he may have done it on purpose.
My brother had a more serious case; he lost his nerd glasses in a trust trade. They were his favorite item(Why did you offer it in the first place, bro?!?!), so he was heart-broken. He went all around jamma township, begging of donations.

And that's another problem; you will often see beggars, claiming that they were scammed.
In some cases, like my brother, they are being truthful.
But there are enough liars out there, so don't know who's actually telling the truth.

Now that i'm done ranting, I'll give some basic tips on how to not get scammed.
1: Avoid giveaways.
Unless they say it's gonna be a live-stream, or they outright say "No trust!", don't participate in giveaways. There is a high chance that they are going to try and scam you.
2: Be rashional
Look at your trade offer before sending it in.
Only trade if you really want to.
Accept offers for your stuff that you like; don't feel like you "need" to send it in/accept the trade.
3: Ask questions
As simple as asking "What are these items worth?" or, "Are you willing to give out your items in any other way?" can defend you from scams.
I highly recommend, in any case, to only trade stuff that you know the rarity.
4: Report scammers
If you see a jammer who is either advertising a scam, is about to scam, or is scamming you, block and report them. No exceptions.
Although some people think that that's "tattling", it's really not. It's letting AJHQ know about jammers who are breaking the rules.

Well, that's it for today.
As GellyJones would say(RIP),
"Stay safe and jam on!"
It's the Jammalidays!
"It's beginning to look a lot like the Jammalidays!"
(BTW, I was writing "Jammalidays" and auto-correct wanted to change it to "Mammalians" XD)
"Jammalidays are here; happiness and fur"
"Jammilidays are coming; the goose is getting added"
OOF how many carol references will I add? I need to stop.
Anyways, it's the best time of the year. How do you not love it? You get free gifts EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH!!!! I'm way to excited, but seriously, it's awesome!

And, as I predicted, AJHQ released... Drum role please...
JOLLY DEER!! **Cues intense jingle bells**
I was very surprised when, in the spirit of Halloween, they added "Spooky Snow Leopards". I had the idea that they may continue to add holiday-themed animals, and who knew I was right?
Also, the un-expected and un-anticipated add of the Barn Owls! Very sudden, but they look pretty dope!
The only problem I have is that the action animations take a lot of space, and look like they would lag really badly on old computers. I'm not certain, but I think this is a bit of a issue. But, they are super cute.

Well, that's I I have to say.
Cya' later.
Intense Trading Challenge
I wanted to do something spicy that was blog-worthy.
Also, my main account was suspended for a day(A random new jammer was telling people to hack him, and without thinking, said "we need your pass".), so I needed to do something on a NM account.
Can you guess what I decided to do?
That's right; I attempted the necklace to spike challenge.
I logged onto my storage, missswirl1642, and got ready. I put a necklace on my trade list, shouting in jamma township "TRADE ME I WILL ACCEPT ANYTHING HELPS DOING A CHALLENGE".
Classy, right? :P
Anyways, after a while of shouting, someone traded me a RIM. I, of course, gladly accepted it, thinking it was a troll. But nope! They gave it to me.
Yay. I have a rare item monday. Yay me. XD
Next, someone traded me a bare bear pet for my RIM. I accepted, planning that I would then get someone to dress it up.
AJ Youtubers
You know um', you loaf um', you(occasionally) see um', they're AJ yourtubers!
From Bepper to Aparri to SnowyClaw, there are so many youtube celebs that make most of their videos about AJ!
My personal favorites are GellyJones, WisteriaMoon, TheShopKing and Julian2(RIP).
They have their own unique styles, and I love seeing the differences.
For starters, GellyJones is very real and funny. She makes awesome skit series, and they are very binge-watch worthy.
Next, WisteriaMoon is silly, hyper, and fun. She has a silly attitude when she reacts to things that makes her stand out from everyone else.
TheShopKing is very unique because he isn't a kid, or a teen; he's a full-grown adult man that plays Animal Jam. He gives a new view on the game, and he's super rare.
And Julian2, the best for last. Julian is very creative in his videos. He created the well-know spinnyboiz, makes crazy out-of-this-word theories, and is a all-around great guy.
These are just my personal opinions on these youtubers. You may not agree with me, but they are just my personal favorites.
If you aren't familier with any AJ youtubers, a great way to start is just typing "Animal Jam" in the youtube search filter; you can start there.
Climbing up the Rarity Ladder
AJ has a very messed-up rare system, no denying it.
But even so, I enjoy trading with people for items to spiff up my den or jazz up my outfit.
I am not that rare, but I enjoy the sort of community of traders. I am lucky enough to have a membership, so that definitely helps..
But anyway, I am worth maybe 1-2 den betas at most. I was scammed out of a red flower crown I had, so that has set me back a bit.
It's stressful when you aren't completely sure if a trade is fair, and you accept it, then find it was an undertrade. It's really sad that people scam to get rare, but it's their decision.

I have obtained cupid wings, flower crowns, rare mouse pets and a bow and arrow. But here I am.
Den Events
Have you ever hosted a party? How about set up a store? Invited users to a fashion show?
During your AJ life, it's almost guaranteed that you will see at least one user shouting out "Store my den!" in Jamma Township. And there also is some chance that you have gone to one of these events and experienced it.
The question is: How do you make a successful event?
Read on!(You don't need to do exactly what is stated here, but just suggestions)
1. Fashion shows
Choose your den, Make room so that people can be visible, but make the den interesting. If you are a member, get some music to get people in the mood.
Unlock your den, then you can advertise in Jamma Township. When you have the desired amount of people in your den, leave and gather everyone up.
After this, go over the rules. If anyone has any questions, answer them.
Then start the game! choose a theme, then tell them to do something to indicate that they are done.
After each round, eliminate one player. At the end, the winner can receive a prize, buddy request, or whatever you want.
2. Stores
Have a bunch of den items that you don't use/want? Opening a store is a good way to get rid of your den items and give them to people who do want them.
First, choose the size den you want. I would recommend the small house den, because it looks like a lot of items because they are all in a small space. Next, place all of the items you want to sell in the den. Putting similar items together is a great idea.
Once you are done, unlock your den and advertise in Jamma Township. If you wish, you can tell everyone to hop on what they want.
It is common for lots of people to join, then lots of people to leave. Don't get discouraged. When you have a few people staying in your den, it means that they have found something that they want.
Go to your den and put the desired items on trade, then make a fair deal between each other.
3. Partys
There are a lot of ways to host a party. You can turn your den into a disco party, dinner party, or, if you are a member, you can even spend a diamond and host an "official" party!
If you are hosting it at your den, figure out your theme and decorate accordingly.
When you are done, unlock your den and advertise in Jamma Township.
Wait until the desired amount is in your den, then join the party.
Host games, chat, roleplay, and make friends. Be a party animal!
Now go out there and host an epic event at your den! Have fun! :)
AJ Holloween(NOTP)
It's Halloween in Jamma, and that means the Night of the Phantoms is back!
The NOTP, as I shall call it, is a really fun event. Lots of cool, spooky items, fun dens, and a creepy atmosphere. I love to celebrate online!
The pet adventure, Bitter Sweets, is so cute(and laggy), and you get super-cool items! And the vortex is a cool minigame that you protect your candy from the evil phantoms. Rumor is you can get rare items if you get to a high enough level!

All of these things are fun and good, the only thing is...
when the holidays come up on AJ, it doesn't change a lot. It's almost predictable what they are going to do every year, which it not the best.
I am not complaining that the things to do are boring, but a bit of excitement would be good, specifically during the holidays.

On the flip side, it is super fun to make costumes. I have made two outfits; one for my fox, she's an evil princess; and the other is for my snow leopard; she is the character Uma, from the new Descendants movie.
I encourage you to explore Jamma during this event. Lots of cool things to check out!

Also, AJ recently announced that they would release a new seasonal animal -a spooky snow leopard!
I find this quite fascinating, because all the other seasonal animals are only for the season, not a holiday animal. There isn't any Christmas penguins or valentine tigers, so maybe AJ is hinting to new, holiday-themed animals!
Can't wait to see what AJ does! :)
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